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Welcome to the CMLE

The goal of the Center for Microwave and Lightwave Engineering (CMLE) is to establish a premiere research and education center for the advancement of microwave-lightwave engineering. Microwaves and photonics are among the fastest growing disciplines in engineering. The extensive national effort in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) will have a profound effect on high speed, high frequency analog and digital systems.

One of the major current areas of emphasis at CMLE is on systems for point-to-point communications and wireless networks using a combination of electrical and optical techniques. Efforts include the development of mode-locked microchip lasers for combined generation and modulation of optical and millimeter wave carriers for transmission over optical fiber, and integration of these devices into real-world applications like networked wearable computers, local area wireless networks, and telemedicine. Potential benefits of these approaches include high bandwidth, relatively simple architectures, and low cost.