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Last modified: 05/22/08


Here is the list of most recent papers and articles accepted and published in refereed journals (* indicates supervised student). For the complete list, please see CV.

1.  Applied Plasma Medicine, G. Fridman, G. Friedman, A. Gutsol, A.B. Shekhter, V.N. Vasilets, A. Fridman, Plasma Process. Polym., 2007, submitted.
View preprint (PDF)

2.  Nanosecond Pulsed Uniform Dielectric Barrier Discharge, H. Ayan, G. Fridman, A. Gutsol, V.N. Vasilets, A. Fridman, G. Friedman, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, accepted.

3.  Heating effect of dielectric barrier discharges in direct medical treatment, H. Ayan, G. Fridman, D. Staack, A. Gutsol, V.N. Vasilets, A. Fridman, G. Friedman, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, accepted.

4.  Boris Polyak, Ilia Fishbein, Michael Chorny, Ivan Alveriev, Darryl Williams, Ben Yellen, Gary Friedman, Robert Levy, “High field gradient targeting of magnetic nanoparticle-loaded endothelial cells to the surfaces of steel stents”, PNAS, Vol. 105, No. 2, pp. 698–703, January 15, 2008

5. S.U. Kalghatgi, G. Fridman, M. Cooper, G. Nagaraj, M. Peddinghaus, M. Balasubramanian, V.N. Vasilets, A. Gutsol, A. Fridman, G. Friedman, “Mechanism of Blood Coagulation by Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma“, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol. 35, Issue 5, Part 2, , pp. 1559-1566, Oct. 2007

6. Michael Chorny, Boris Polyak, Ivan S. Alferiev, Kenneth Walsh, Gary Friedman, and Robert Levy,  “Magnetically driven plasmid DNA delivery with biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles”, FASEB J. 21, 2510-2519, August 2007

7. G. Friedman, “Comment on the swimming of animalcules”, Phys.Fluids., 19, 079101, July 2007

8. Francisco, H., Yellen, B., Halverson, D., Friedman, G., Gallo, G. “Regulation of Axon Guidance and Extension by 3-Dimensional Constraints”, Biomaterials, 28:3398-3407, 2007

9. G. Fridman, A.D. Brooks, M. Balasubramanian, A. Fridman, A. Gutsol, V.N. Vasilets, H. Ayan, G. Friedman, “Comparison of Direct and Indirect Effects of Non-Thermal Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma on Bacteria”, Plasma Process. Polym. Vol. 4., pp. 370-375, 2007

10. Fridman, G., Shereshevsky, A., Jost, M.M., Brooks, A.D., Fridman, A., Gutsol, A., Vasilets, V., Friedman, G., “Floating Electrode Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma in Air Promoting Apoptotic Behavior in Melanoma Skin Cancer Cell Lines”, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 27, 2, 163-176,  2007

11. Bhat S, Guez J, Kurzweg TP, Guez A., Friedman G., ”Controllability of magnetic manipulation of a few microparticles in fluids”, IEEE Trans. Mag., 43 (6): 2427-2429 June 2007

12. D. Halverson, G. Friedman, “Magnetic Field Assisted Fractionation of Nonmagnetic Colloids in Ferrofluid”, IEEE Trans. Mag., 43 (6): 2692-2694, June 2007

13. O. Hovorka, A. Berger, G. Friedman, “ Estimation of Exchange Coupling Distribution in All-Ferromagnetic Bilayers”, IEEE Trans. Mag., 43 (6): 2953-2955, June 2007

14. O. Hovorka, A. Berger, G. Friedman, “Experimental Comparison of Exchange Bias Measurement Methodologies”, J. Appl. Phys., 101, 09E515, May 2007

15. D. Mattia, G. Korneva, A. Sabur, G. Friedman, Y. Gogotsi, “Multifunctional carbon nanotubes with nanoparticles embedded in their walls”, Nanotechnology 18 (15): Art. No. 155305,  April 2007

16. J.R. Freedman, D. Mattia, G. Korneva, Y. Gogotsi, G. Friedman, A. Fontecchio, “Magnetically assembled carbon nanotube tipped pipettes”,  Appl. Phys. Lett., 90, 103108, March 2007

17. Yellen, BB; Erb, RM; Halverson, DS; Hovorka, O; Friedman, G., Arraying nonmagnetic colloids by magnetic nanoparticle assemblers, IEEE Trans. Mag., 42 (10): 3129-3131 Oct., 2006

18. Hovorka O, Berger A, Friedman G., Preisach model of exchange bias in antiferromagnetically coupled bilayers, IEEE Trans. Mag., 42 (10): 3548-3553 Oct., 2006

19. O. Hovorka, A. Berger, G. Friedman, Center of Mass Method for Exchange Bias Measurements, Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 89, 14513, 2006

20. Forbes ZG, Barbee KA, Stoddard FR, Morgan DA, Brooks AD, Friedman G., Improving the efficacy of cellular therapy by magnetic cell targeting, Cytotherapy 8: Suppl. 1, 2006

21. G. Fridman, M. Peddinghaus, H.Ayan, A. Fridman, M. Balasubramanian, A. Gutsol, A. Brooks and Gary Friedman, Blood Coagulation and Living Tissue Sterilization by Floating-Electrode Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Air, Plasma Chem. Plasma Process., DOI: 10.1007/s11090-006-9024-4, June, 2006

22. K. Komaee K, B. Yellen, G. Friedman, N. Dan, Cooperativity in the adsorption of magnetic colloidal particles, J. Colloid and Interface Sci., 297 (2): 407-411 May, 2006

23. D. Halverson, S. Kalghatgi, B. Yellen, G. Friedman, Manipulation of nonmagnetic nanobeads in dilute ferrofluid, J. Appl. Phys., 99 (8): Art. No. 08P504 April, 2006

24. O. Hovorka, G. Friedman, Energy losses in disordered hysteretic systems with dipolar interactions, J. Appl. Phys., 99 (8): Art. No. 08D708 April 2006

25.  O. Hovorka, G. Friedman, Effects of interaction topology, sign and strength on hysteretic losses, Physica B-Cond.Matt., 372 (1-2): 234-238 February, 2006

26.  Komaee K, Friedman G, Dan N., The kinetics and saturation of reversible adsorption on patterned (heterogeneous) surfaces, Langmuir 22 (3): 871-876 Jan. 2006