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    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Career Integrated Education (CIE)

    Drexel's Career Integrated Education (CIE) program, the first program of its kind in the Delaware Valley, blends traditional academic course work with a period of off-campus employment. With CIE, you use what you learn in the classroom to solve problems on the job. The program is ideal for recent graduates who are looking to develop their skills in the marketplace and build their resumes, for international students hoping to gain work experience in the U.S., for American students seeking to work abroad, and for professionals who want to change career fields.

    More than an Internship

    Many universities offer internships. CIE is much more. With CIE, you earn academic credit as well as, for many students, a salary. You start a career option that you can learn from, use on your resume, and possibly develop into a permanent position.

    The unique CIE option is modeled after Drexel University's nationally recognized undergraduate co-op program. In the co-operative education, students alternate periods of course work with period of off-campus employment. Typically, students spend three or six months on an assignment employed full-time at a business that is in some way linked to their interests. CIE offers the same real world advantage for graduate students with one big difference: along with gaining on the job experience, students acquire academic credit.

    The International Advantage

    International students gain the advantage of working in the U.S. as part of their academic experience. CIE also affords any student interested in international work the experience to select a position abroad. If students choose to work in a country where the native language is other than their own, they must demonstrate proficiency in the business usage of that language before they can qualify.

    How it works:

    The best way to make the most of CIE is to find the right fit between course work, a job that offers both an academic and a professional challenge, and a company that fosters this approach into a unique learning experience.

    The Project

    CIE allows students to enrich their studies with hands-on experience in an engineering related problem of interest to industry and academia. Students already working full time may coordinate their project with their on going work, or if approved by the company, may work on a project from another area in the company.

    The Faculty Advisor

    The faculty advisor helps students assess their interests and target goals based on a plan of study. This plan links what is learned in the classroom with experiences on the job. In addition to coordinating course work with the field experience, the faculty advisor collaborates with the student and corporate mentor in developing and completing the project.

    The Corporate Mentor

    The corporate mentor serves as a supervisor, personal contact with the company, guide to the work experience, and co-advisor of the project. The corporate mentor works closely with the faculty advisor to ensure the quality of the CIE experience and the relevancy of the project.

    The Course Requirement

    Students undertaking CIE register for two terms, three credits each, of the course called "Career Integrated Education." These courses are ENGR 701 and ENGR 702 and can be found under the General Engineering course selections page. A letter grade is given on the basis of a project report followed by a presentation to the faculty.


    Students participating in CIE must take at least 48 credits including 6 credits of CIE (ENGR 701 and ENGR 702).

    Other Requirements and CIE Schedules

    Students must have completed at least 24 credits and must have an overall GPA of at least 3.2. CIE will only be offered during the Summer (ENGR 701) and Fall (ENGR 702) Terms. Full time students are strongly recommended to take the CIE option during their first Summer term. Note that CIE requires that you spend time in an industry gaining practical experience.

    The English Language Requirement

    Students whose first language is not English must be tested on their proficiency in communication skills prior to entering the program. Testing is accomplished at the English Language Center.

    Programs in the College of Engineering Offering the CIE Options

    CIE is a requirement of the Masters of Engineering Program. It is available as an elective for all MS programs in College of Engineering. Please contact Dr. Leonid Hrebien (lhrebien@coe.drexel.edu) for additional information regarding CIE in College of Engineering.

    For More Information

    For more information about the CIE program in the university, please contact the Assistant Director of CIE, Ken Bohrer (kbohrer@drexel.edu)