Information for prospective students

This page is for students applying to Drexel University who want information about funded research assistantship positions, or would like my opinion about their chances of admission into our Ph.D. program.

MS Students

I do not offer research assistantships to MS students, except in very rare cases.

If you'd like to enroll for independent study credits with me, I encourage you to take one of my classes before asking me about this. If you have taken a class with me and you'd like to do unfunded directed research in my lab, feel free to come talk to me. I may not have any opportunities, but may be able to recommend you to colleagues who might be looking for students.

Ph.D. Students

If you are applying to the Ph.D. program in the ECE department and would like to know your chances of admission, my usual response is: "Please apply". The admissions committee looks at the pool of applicants, and decisions are typically made based on the overall quality of the applicants as well as matches with faculty research interests. Therefore, it is hard for an individual faculty member to make a meaningful judgement about your chances of admission. If your application crosses my desk, and if I'm interested in recruiting you, I'll contact you directly.

If you have been admitted to Drexel and would like to join my research group, please feel free to drop by my office hours or send me email to set up an appointment. I'd be happy to discuss any openings I have in my group, or discuss with you about other research groups that you might consider.