Current Research Topics

My current research interests lie in the following areas.

Embedded and safety-critical systems: This project develops low-cost failure recovery, diagnosis, and synthesis techniques for distributed embedded applications such as drive-by-wire in cars. More recent research addresses the development of dependable hardware and software architectures for safety-critical applications such as radiotherapy.

GPU-Accelerated Toolkit for Image Registration: This project aims to accelerate modern deformable registration methods using commodity graphic processing units. Data-parallel versions of four widely-used deformable registration algorithms are being developed using the stream-processing model: (1) demons optical flow, (2) fluid registration, (3) thin-plate splines, and (4) B-splines.

Autonomic (self-managing) computing systems: This project aims to design self-managing distributed computer systems that maintain a designer-specified quality-of-service by adaptively tuning key operating parameters with minimal human intervention.

Software Defined Communication Testbed for UWB Radio and Free Space Optics: This project generalizes the notion of software defined radio to include ultrawideband radio and optical communication modalities. The main result is expected to be a modular testbed for rapidly prototyping high bandwidth networks for a variety of next-generation applications, including wireless HD-TV distribution, localization and broadband last-mile data access.

Graduate Students

Recently Graduated Ph.D. Students