CTIN Faculty

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Dandekar Prof. Kapil R. Dandekar
wireless/ad-hoc communications, smart antenna/MIMO systems, array signal processing, wireless channel propagation, cellular site planning, wideband basestation hardware, applied computational electromagnetics, electromagnetic data visualization
Daryoush Prof. Afshin Daryoush
microwave photonics systems, nonlinear microwave circuits, RFIC and wireless communications, antennas and radiating systems, electromagnetic interaction with biological systems
de Oliveira Prof. Jaudelice Cavalcante de Oliveira
next generation Internet; quality of service in computer communication networks; QoS routing and traffic engineering; wireless networks; network management and control
Eisenstein Prof. Bruce Eisenstein
pattern recognition, estimation, decision theory
Kam Prof. Moshe Kam
decision fusion and sensor fusion, mobile robots (especially robot navigation), pattern recognition (especially in handwriting applications), optimization and control
Petropulu Prof. Athina Petropulu
identification; statistical signal processing; higher-order
Shankar Prof. Mohana Shankar
wireless communications, biomedical ultrasonics, fiberoptic bio-sensors
Weber Prof. Steven Weber
streaming multimedia, rate-adaptation mechanisms for networks, distributed algorithms on networks