CTIN Seminar Series

Seminar meetings are scheduled to be in either the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference room (Bossone 303), or alternatively in the Hill Conference Room (Lebow 240) at noon. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Drexel University. Please note that all future dates/times are tentative. Please check back at this site for updates. The CTIN Seminar Series is organized by Nicholas Kirsch and Kapil Dandekar.

The series is open to local IEEE members, local industry, and the general public. Campus maps, directions, and parking information to Drexel University can be found here.

As an additional resource to the Philadelphia area IEEE (Vehicular Technology, Communications/IT Societies), there is an affiliated seminar series through the Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers.

Date Speaker Title
8/20/04 Chao Liang Power Control and Interference Management in MIMO Interference Systems
9/3/04 Sarod Yatawatta Energy Efficient MIMO Channel Estimation
9/17/04 Gustave Anderson User Revocation in Secure Groups
10/1/04 Wei Chen Kalman-Filter Channel Estimator for OFDM Systems in Time and Frequency-Selective Fading Environment
10/15/04 Nicholas Kirsch Modeling MIMO-OFDM Channels using Computational Electromagnetics
10/29/04 Prof. Heung-No Lee Telecommunications Research at the University of Pittsburgh
11/12/04 Sarod Yatawatta Multiuser OFDM System with Cooperation
11/19/04 Ananth Kini Fast and efficient randomized flooding on lattice sensor networks
12/3/04 Sukrit Dasgupta Dynamic Resizing of Traffic Engineering Label Switched Paths in MPLS networks
1/14/05 James Thiel IDS/IPS: An introduction to intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems
1/28/05 Wei Chen Sequential Monte Carlo Method and Mixture Kalman Filter
2/11/05 Jie Yu On Propagation of Self-Similar Traffic Through an Energy-Conserving Wireless Gateway
2/25/05 Adam O'Donnell On Achieving Software Diversity for Improved Network Security using Distributed Coloring Algorithms
3/11/05 Matthew Garfield Cross-Modality Wireless Networks
4/8/05 Vilas Veeraraghavan A Generating Function Approach to Analyze Random Graphs
4/22/05 Evan Sultanik Enabling Information Dissemination on Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Networks
5/6/05 Frank Prihoda Cooperation in Random Access Wireless Networks
10/21/05 Chao Liang Power Management in MIMO Ad Hoc Networks: A Game-Theoretic Approach
11/4/05 Sukrit Dasgupta A New Distributed Dynamic Reservation Mechanism to Improve Resource Allocation
11/11/05 Yuanning Yu Improved PARAFAC based Blind MIMO System Estimation
12/2/05 Vilas Veeraraghavan SmartGossip: an improved randomized broadcast protocol for sensor networks
2/3/06 - Time 2 P.M. - Bossone 303 Daniel Palomar Linear Transceivers for MIMO Chanels: A Marriage of Majorization Theory and Convex Optimization Theory
2/24/06 John C. Koshy, Ph.D. Low Complexity Detectors for Near-Capacity Extreme-Rate MIMO Communications
4/14/06 Abhishek Khemka Interference characterization in MIMO ad-hoc networks employing spatial and polarization diversity
4/28/06 Evan Sultanik Multi-Agent Planning and Scheduling in Stochastic Peer-to-Peer Environments
5/12/06 Sagar Nargundkar Efficient Simulation of Rare Events in Telecommunication Networks
5/26/06 Prathaban Mookiah Efficient Channel Estimation through Polyphase Decomposition of Channels
11/3/06 John Kountouriotis Software Defined Radio Demonstration of MIMO-OFDM Rate Adaptation
12/1/06 Zhen Zhao Heavy Traffic Modeling in Networking
1/23/07 Nicholas Kirsch "Experimental Characterization of Resource Allocation Algorithms in MIMO-OFDM Ad Hoc Networks"

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