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    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
    Bachelors/Masters Program

    A Unique Opportunity
    • Receive two diplomas (B.S. and M.S.) at the same time in 5 years
    • Maintain all financial aid/loan packages during the five years
    • Enjoy the benefits and rewards of the Drexel Co-Op experience
    • Gain research experience by working with research faculty
    • Tuition at the undergraduate rate during all five years
    • Typical salaries for students with M.S. degrees are about 25% higher than those with B.S. degrees

    It is possible to receive a B.S. degree in one discipline and a M.S. degree in the same or related discipline.
    Tuition Policy
    If the student completes the program in five years with the regular three Co-ops, no additional tuition is incurred.

    If the student misses on- Co-op to complete the required courses, she/he will be charged undergraduate per-credit rates for the course if registration is less than 12 credits. If registration is greater than 12 credits, the student will be billed term tuition at a 60% charge (plus fees).

    Students taking either one or two graduate or undergraduate courses during Co-op terms will be billed at the undergraduate per credit hour rate relative to the college offering the course.

    If the student is still at the undergraduate level and stays beyond five years, the student will be charged the undergraduate rate for taking undergraduate and graduate courses if registration is less than 12 credits. If registration is 12 credits or more, the student will be charged undergraduate term tuition.

    If the student is at the graduate level and stays beyond five years, the student will move to the graduate level study and be charged graduate per credit rates for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

    Exceptional students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 and who are enrolled as five year co-op students are eligible. Students officially enter the program after completion of 90 credits and before completion of 120 credits.

    Students are encouraged to begin planning for the program as early as their freshman year.

    Academic Requirements
    B.S. in Engineering requires 192 approved credits. M.S. in Engineering requires 45-48 credits based on the individual graduate program. Students in Bachelors/Masters program take only 180 undergraduate credits plus the required graduate credits.

    Students in the program must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their undergraduate and graduate course work in order to remain in the program.

    If the student decides to withdraw from the BS.MS program, she/he must have completed the required 192 credits to receive the B.S. degree.

    Senior Design or Thesis Option
    MS/BS students can either choose a thesis (Masters) or the Senior Design. If the thesis option is chosen, students will be required to have a single page of document describing the design aspects covered in the thesis. This must be signed by the thesis advisor and the student and submitted to Dr. Scoles to be kept in the student's file. This page should also be part of the thesis.

    Application for Admission
    With any questions, please contact: Dr. Leonid Hrebien @
    215-895-6755 (lhrebien@coe.drexel.edu)