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    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Undergraduate Courses

    Click here for the Booklist.

    Computers (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)
    • ECE-C301 Adv Programming for Engineers
    • ECE-C302 Digital Systems Projects
    • ECE-C304 Design with Microcontrollers
    • ECE-C352 Secure Computer Systems: Design Concepts
    • ECE-C355 Computer Structures
    • ECE-C356 Embedded Systems
    • ECE-C411 Computer Hardware
    • ECE-C421 Operating Systems I
    • ECE-C431 Introduction to Computer Networks
    • ECE-C432 Internet Arch and Protocols
    • ECE-C433 Network Programming
    • ECE-C451 Computer Arithmetic
    • ECE-C453 Image Processing Architectures
    • ECE-C497 Research in Computer Systems
    • ECE-C499 Supervised Study in Computer Engineering

    Electro-Physics (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)

    • ECE-E302 Electronic Devices
    • ECE-E304 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
    • ECE-E352 Analog Electronics
    • ECE-E354 Introduction to Wireless and Optical Electronics
    • ECE-E421 Advanced Electronics I
    • ECE-E422 Advanced Electronic Circuits I
    • ECE-E423 Advanced Electronic Circuits II
    • ECE-E434 Digital Electronics
    • ECE-E441 Lightwave Engineering I
    • ECE-E442 Lightwave Engineering II
    • ECE-E443 Lightwave Engineering III
    • ECE-E451 Electro-Acoustics
    • ECE-E471 RF Components and Techniques
    • ECE-E472 RF Electronics
    • ECE-E473 Antennas and Radiating Systems
    • ECE-E490 Special Topics in Electrophysics
    • ECE-E497 Research in Electrophysics
    • ECE-E499 Supervised Study in Electrophysics

    General (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)

    • ECE-200 Digital Logic Design
    • ECE-201 Electric Circuits
    • ECE-203 Programming for Engineers
    • ECE-211 Electrical Engineering Principles
    • ECE-212 Electrical Engineering Principles Laboratory
    • ECE-491 Senior Project Design I
    • ECE-492 Senior Project Design II
    • ECE-493 Senior Project Design III

    Interdisciplinary (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)

    • ENGR-361 Stat Analysis of Engr Systems

    Labs (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)

    • ECE-L301 ECE Laboratory I
    • ECE-L302 ECE Laboratory II
    • ECE-L303 ECE Laboratory III
    • ECE-L304 ECE Laboratory IV

    Power (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)

    • ECE-P352 Electric Motor Control Principles
    • ECE-P354 Energy Management Principles
    • ECE-P411 Power Systems I
    • ECE-P412 Power Systems II
    • ECE-P413 Power Systems III
    • ECE-P490 Special Topics in Power Systems
    • ECE-P497 Research in Power Systems
    • ECE-P499 Supervised Study in Power Systems

    Systems (Click here for the catalog course descriptions)

    • ECE-S302 Transform Methods and Filtering
    • ECE-S304 Dynamic Systems and Stability
    • ECE-S306 Introduction to Modulation and Coding
    • ECE-S352 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
    • ECE-S354 Wireless, Mobile, and Cellular Communication
    • ECE-S356 Theory of Control
    • ECE-S358 Computer Control Systems
    • ECE-S421 Communications I
    • ECE-S422 Communications II
    • ECE-S423 Communications III
    • ECE-S434 Deterministic Signal Processing
    • ECE-S435 Statistical Signal Processing
    • ECE-S436 Speech and Image Signal Interpretation
    • ECE-S444 Systems and Control I
    • ECE-S445 Systems and Control II
    • ECE-S446 Systems and Control III
    • ECE-S497 Research in Systems Engineering
    • ECE-S499 Supervised Study in Systems Engineering