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Ecological and Evolutionary Signal-processing and Informatics Laboratory

The EESI Laboratory aims to:
  • Decipher organism community structure of environmental samples

  • Analyze the functional expression vs. capacity of environmental samples

  • Investigate the dynamics of communities of organisms across time, space, and other environmental gradients

  • Educate the greater (human) community about genomics, computation, and bioinformatics


Check out our GitHub development page: EESI GitHub

Upcoming EESI Events

* Gail Rosen and Uri Hershberg will be attending the AAAS Symposium on Microbiomes of the Built Environment on March 27th
* Yemin Lan will be presenting at the Keystone Symposia on Exploiting and Understanding Chemical Biotransformations in the Human Microbiome in April
* Gail Rosen will be presenting a Keynote speech at the Oregon State Univ. Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB) Spring Conference on April 7th
* Greg Ditzler will be presenting at the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence in July.


Sept. 2013 -- Congratulations to Yemin Lan for receiving an outstanding paper award at the 4th International Human Microbiome Congress!
June 2013 -- Congratulations to Yemin Lan for being highly commended in the University's Doctoral Research Excellence Award
June 2013 -- Congratulations to Gregory Ditzler for receiving a Nihat Bilgutay Award for outstanding scholarship and his placement in a prestigious AT&T Internship for the summer!
March 2013 -- Congratulations to Gregory Ditzler for receiving a Koerner Family Fellowship (and belated congrats to receiving a travel fellowship from NSF to the Algorithms for Threat Detection workshop in Nov.)!
March 2013 -- Congratulations to Steve Essinger for winning 3rd place in the IEEE DIG Forum!
March 2013 -- The lab has received an NSF award with Jacob Russell of Biology and Penny Hammrich of the College of Education for developing a 3-course undergraduate Microbiome Informatics sequence
April 2012 -- Congratulations to Erin Reichenberger for receiving a Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship!
September 2011 -- The lab has received an NSF award for a project with Simon Foucart of Math and Loni Phillip-Tabb of Biostatistics to advance the mathematics of microbial ecology analysis.
June 2010: The Lab has received funding from the Department of Energy to integrate metagenomic and  metatranscriptomic  techniques to study microbial communities in litter decomposition, with PI Christopher Blackwood.
August 2009: Dr. Gail Rosen received the prestigious NSF CAREER award.