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Yemin Lan     Yemin Lan (Biomedical Engineering):- PhD Thesis, 2015:   "A study of microbial diversity using comparative genomics and comparative metagenomics methods" (Now at UPenn)
   Greg Ditzler     Greg Ditzler (ECE)- PhD Thesis, 2015:   "Scalable Subset Selection with Filters and Its Applications" (Now at University of Arizona)
Erin      Erin Reichenberger (Biomedical Engineering):- PhD Thesis, 2015   "Pas de Deux: Environment & Microbial Communities - Interactions, Influence, & Analysis" (now at USDA)
Steven Essinger     Dr. Steven Essinger (ECE):- PhD Thesis, 2013:   "Partitioning Abiotic and Biotic Contributions to Community Variation" (Now at Pandora Inc.)

Bruce Chen      Bruce Chen (Information Science and Technology, PhD 2012): (Now at Adelphic Mobile, Inc.)


Adrian Lorenzana      Adrian Lorenzana (Now at Blue Cross Blue Shield)


Aaron Rosenfeld      Aaron Rosenfeld (Computer Science, BS 2011): (Now at A.J. Drexel Institute for Applied Communications and Information Networking)


Non Yok     Dr. Non Yok (ECE): - PhD Thesis, 2011:  "New Approaches to Improving Organisms Detection and Gene Prediction in Metagenomes"(Now an instructor at Rowan University)


Jacob Clouse     Jacob Clouse -- STAR Scholar (Biomedical Engineering, Drexel)


Z     Tze Yee Lim - Undergraduate Co-op researcher, BS degree 2011 (Now at University of Texas, Houston in the Medical Physics Graduate Program)


Elaine Garbarine     Elaine Garbarine - Masters Thesis 2009 - "Information Theoretic Approaches to Genome Feature Selection for Taxonomic Classification"(Now at Lockheed-Martin Corp.)


Vinay Gadia     Vinay Gadia - Undergraduate Researcher, BS degree 2009 (Now at Columbia University's Engineering Mangement Program)


Chidiogo     Chidiogo Ike-Egbuono - DK-12 REU, BS degree 2009 (Now at PJM International)


Ryan Coote     Ryan Coote - DK-12 REU, BS degree 2009 (Now at Delaware State University in the Optics PhD program)


Adheer Chauhan     Adheer Chauhan - DK-12 Fellow (Now at the Dow Chemical Company)


Dr. Boris Dirnbach     Dr. Boris Dirnbach - CAPA Teacher. Check out my 2007 presentation!


Ken O'Driscoll     Ken O'Driscoll - DK-12 REU (Now at ManTech company)


Arma'an     Arma'an Al-Mamun - (Columbia University)


Andrea Ochadlick     Andrea Ochadlick - (Now at James Madison University majoring in Healthcare)