ECE-T 602 – Information Theory and Coding, Spring 2015

Lecture Time and Location

Tuesday, 6:30PM - 9:20PM. Curtis 453.


Prof. John MacLaren Walsh. Office: Bossone 203. Telephone: (215) 895-2360. Email:

Office Hours: Tuesday 5:30PM-6:30PM.

Course Website

This class has a website: You will need to check it periodically throughout the semester for information concerning reading assignments, homework assignments, exam information, and projects.


Courses covering probability and random variables such as ECES-521 and ECES-522.

Textbooks and Resources

Throughout the quarter we will make use of material from the following texts (and others), which you may loan from the instructor or library:

Much of the material will closely follow sections from the first and fourth book above, which you can purchase from the bookstore. The primary “text” for the course will be the Course Lecture Notes which will be available in class and online (see schedule below).

Grading Policy

There will be graded homework assignments, a midterm exam, a final project, and a final exam. These will count towards the final grade as follows: homework (25%), midterm exam (25%), final exam (25%), final project (25%). Due to the few, yet condensed, nature of the lectures, late homework can not be accepted. If you wish to dispute the grading of a homework/project/exam, you must attach to the homework/project/exam a piece of paper outlining your complaint and return it to the instructor within 2 business days after the homework/project/exam is returned. Any disputation of grading which does not follow these guidelines will not be accepted, and may lead to a reduction in your grade.

Tentative Outline of Course Content

This class covers an advanced graduate level blend of information theory, compression, and channel coding techniques. A tentative course outline, subject to revision as we proceed, is attached below.

Course Schedule

Assignment Schedule

This will be updated periodically throughout the semester, and is thus subject to change.

This document is current as of May 19, 2015.